William W. Harden, Atty
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In public and private practice I have been blessed with the opportunity to aid many people in dealing with legal issues. Some of those areas that have given me personal satisfaction are:

  • Recovering a seven figure, bad faith insurance settlement for a young quadriplegic mother.
  • Getting a deed set aside for a mother who trusted her son to redeed her home once she recovered from   an illness (reported Supreme Court case).
  • Recovering two houses owned by 84 year old client who got into contracts with a person known for targeting and taking advantage of elderly gentlemen.
  • Helping a young couple in adopting a baby; delivering that baby to the new mother and watching her grow up.

The everyday cases of guiding families through probate during difficult times; helping launch a new business through incorporation or getting a young couple their first home are what the law profession is about.

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