William W. Harden, Atty
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                                         REAL ESTATE:
This firm represents numerous Realtors, title companies and individuals in every day real estate transactions. It is important to get the work out quickly and efficiently in order that a deal is not lost. It is important to listen to the client, protect the clients interest and get the job done without creating unnecessary obstacles.
     Contract for deed/owner financing
     Tax sales/Applications for Deeds
     Foreclosure sales
     Selling your property without a Realtor
     Meeting County and City Planning requirements
     Appearances before public bodies
                                      REAL ESTATE LITIGATION:
I believe an attorney should strive to minimize litigation if possible yet be aggressive when necessary. Many of my published cases in the Wyoming Supreme Court involve recovery of property for clients. Litigation is often complex and takes some imagination.
     Quiet title
     Breach of Contracts
     Forcible Entry and Detainer/Ejectment
     Adverse Possession
Everyone should have a will. The state should not make assumptions on who you want to receive your property.
Trust are the hot thing. They are being pushed by attorneys, insurance companies and banks. They are a useful estate planning tool, however, not everyone needs a trust. Don't be sold something you don't need. Independent advice from a professional is important.
Wyoming has a good, simple and workable probate code. Probate is not necessarily a bad word. Don't believe the old wives tales that "the state will get you money" or "the attorney's will get everything " if you go through probate. Consultation with a knowledgeable professional who knows your circumstances is the best way to make your decisions.
Should you add your children on bank accounts or real property? Probably not! There can be serious consequences and tax ramifications. 
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